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About Terry B's

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Terry B’s Tavern began construction in late August 2010, after 14 months of planning. The Tavern was completed December 31, 2010 and opened New Year’s Eve.We have since added a patio for your outdoor enjoyment.And hope you like the end result. We realized the West Side of Hamilton needed a pleasant, safe and relaxing meeting place where friends could take a break from the fast pace of life and enjoy themselves.We strive to create an entertainment establishment in a pleasant atmosphere where friends can come enjoy each other’s company and be entertained. In an effort to provide this atmosphere for all to enjoy, we have a policy that prohibits violent behavior and use, sale or purchase of illegal substances. This is a 1 strike and you are out for life policy. We have a strictly enforced dress code that is posted at the front door. We hope the time you spend with us is enjoyable. Let us know how we are doing. If you have an idea that you think might enhance the Tavern tell us about it! Thank you for visiting us; let us know if there is anything that we can do for you!

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